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Hi there thank you for dropping by the site. You are indeed most welcome! To start you off I will tell you a little about the site.

This is the home repository for information that the Thruster Operator Support Group (TOSG) has accumulated since its inception. You will find a wealth of data here that is primarily about the Thruster ultralight marque of fabric covered alloy tube construction aircraft. However where practical the material has been written generically and will be of use to owners of similar types and also to home builders.

Finding information is simple. The site is divided into Departments, listed on the left of this screen you are reading. Clicking on these opens a second screen that lists the contents of the Department. Click on a subject and the information pages will open.

This site was launched in January 2008 and replaces the previous site while containing all the information from its predecessor and now much more. Development of the site will be on-going with most of the work happening during 2008 as a result of major projects that TOSG is undertaking.

Enjoy the site and please come again.